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IotaComm and Fintech.TV Announce Joint Venture Center for Sustainable Innovation

New York, NY | May 01, 2023 09:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Iota Communications, Inc. (“IotaComm”) a wireless communication and data analytics software company, today announced a joint venture with FINTECH.TV, the leading global news media platform focused on Digital and Impact investment content, to create the Center for Sustainable Innovation (“CSI”), a public benefit corporation to foster the adoption of new technologies to bring societal and economic benefits to local communities.

The partnership will combine a thematic media and content distribution of Fintech.TV with IotaComm’s network and technology platform with the goal of serving as a catalyst to spur economic growth, increase awareness, education and adoption of sustainable business practices for the future. The Center for Sustainable Innovation will be based in the IotaComm’s corporate headquarters in the Lehigh Valley, PA, where FINTECH.TV will have a broadcast studio presence.

IotaComm’s role is to foster a collaborative environment of technology innovators, adopters, research organizations, universities, and government to create an ecosystem of stakeholders to enable the implementation of emerging technologies. Artificial intelligence, digital assets, blockchain, metaverse and other technologies can help businesses reduce costs, increase safety and well-being for employees, and advance sustainability initiatives while also aiding communities in increasing the quality of life for citizens across all spectrums of society. Through its local studio presence, Fintech.TV will cultivate media content from successful use cases and broadcast these stories to its worldwide audience of viewers.

“We are thrilled to enter into this partnership with Fintech.TV as it is a catalyst for our IotaCommUnity corporate social responsibility initiative,” stated Terrence DeFranco, Chairman and CEO of IotaComm. “Starting here in the Lehigh Valley, we believe the CSI will help to revitalize the community, spread technology gains and wealth across a broader population, enhance the quality of education in local schools, and help create solutions to the challenges the community faces. For IotaComm’s stakeholders, the CSI supports our culture of innovation and collaboration, which fosters a growth mentality, enhances morale, and helps to deliver value to our customers. We look forward to a long prosperous relationship with Fintech.TV in bringing these benefits to many communities across the world.”

Vince Molinari, Founder and CEO, FINTECH.TV, added, “Creating an ecosystem of public, private and government entities all working towards the same goals will break down silos to innovation, and we believe having a focused content plan to raise awareness will lead to increased adoption of these critical goals for our collective future. We could not have a better partner than IotaComm to co-create this essential content that will amplify, educate, and create visibility for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the goals of 2030. IotaComm and Fintech.TV are providing actionable leadership as we walk the walk of SDG #17 – Partnerships.”


The Center for Sustainable Innovation is a public benefit corporation joint venture between Iota Communications Inc. and Fintech.TV. The purpose of the CSI is to serve as a catalyst to positively impact communities by revitalizing local economies, spreading technology gains, and finding impactful solutions to challenges facing communities. The focus of CSI is to address how new, disruptive technology innovation such as blockchain, AI, digital assets, and metaverse enable new business models and change key industries, including manufacturing, logistics, utilities, health care, hospitality and transportation, ultimately leading to significant and measurable economic and societal benefits.


Iota Communications, Inc. (IotaComm™) is a wireless communications and data analytics company that provides Internet of Things (“IoT”) solutions that enable health, safety, and sustainability initiatives. IotaComm provides gateways and sensors to gather data related to indoor air quality, resource consumption, water quality, asset monitoring, and other critical data across multiple verticals, including commercial real estate, municipal, education, health care, and manufacturing. The data analytics services are used to provide insights that enable a safe and healthy environment, higher productivity and efficiency, and cost-savings. IotaComm also offers related services which facilitate the adoption of its subscription-based services, such as customization and advanced data analytics.


FINTECH.TV is a first of its kind global media platform bringing the latest news and perspectives in finance, blockchain, technology, sustainability, impact investing, SDGs, and ESG. FINTECH.TV broadcasts from its marquis studios on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, at ADGM, Abu Dhabi’s leading International Finance Center, and with presence at other leading international exchanges including NASDAQ and the London Stock Exchange.

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