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Global Media Platform Fintech.Tv Announces John F. Carter To Lead Strategic Initiatives And Host A New Weekly Television Show On The Impact Of Equity And Inclusion Through Diversity

Carter Will Drive Strategic Initiatives, Including DE&I Business Development and Increasing Diversity Participation Across the Platform

New York, NY –News Direct– FINTECH.TV

FINTECH.TV, the global media platform that provides cutting-edge insights into finance, blockchain, technology, sustainability, impact investing, SDGs, and ESG, is delighted to announce the appointment of John F. Carter to lead Strategic Initiatives, including DE&I Business Development and increasing diversity participation across the platform. In addition to this impactful role, John will also be hosting a new weekly television show on FINTECH.TV. With its distinctive approach to disseminating the latest news and perspectives on various financial domains, FINTECH.TV broadcasts from prestigious locations, including the New York Stock Exchange, ADGM in Abu Dhabi and NASDAQ,

John F. Carter is no stranger to leadership and innovation, currently serving as the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of CarterBrothers Companies, a prominent Full-Service Management Service Firm specializing in Strategic Growth, Consulting, Integrated Facilities Management, Hospitality management, and Corporate Real Estate Services. His expertise extends to diverse areas, including fire and life safety projects, project management for commercial and national accounts, and full-service security management for clients such as BP, Frito-Lay, General Electric, and Stand Register, ABM, and ADT/TYCO

As the CEO of CarterBrothers, John has emerged as one of the most influential and respected CEOs in the industry today. Under his exceptional leadership, the company has achieved unprecedented growth, broadening its footprint across the USA, and gaining widespread recognition. John’s dedication to clients, employees, and partnerships has fostered an unparalleled commitment to excellence within the organization. Now, with his role at FINTECH.TV, John aims to bring his visionary approach and inclusive mindset to drive impactful change through the media platform.

John F. Carter stated, “I am honored and excited to be part of the team focused on the Impact of Equity and Inclusion through Diversity and to host a new weekly television show. It is a privilege to join a pioneering global media platform that is at the forefront of providing cutting-edge insights across finance, blockchain, technology, sustainability, impact investing, SDGs, and ESG. I am deeply committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity, and I believe that by leveraging the power of media, we can drive positive change in the financial industry and beyond. I look forward to contributing to FINTECH.TV’s mission and engaging with their global audience in thought-provoking discussions that shape the future of finance and technology.” After my first meeting with Vince I knew FINTECH was a home for me! I am thrilled to be able to broadcast live from the NYSE and to expose diverse business partners to the global visibility live from the floor.”

Vince Molinari, the Founder & CEO of FINTECH.TV, added, “We are thrilled to welcome John F. Carter to the FINTECH.TV family. His impressive track record of leadership and expertise in diverse industries will play a pivotal role in driving our mission of delivering cutting-edge insights to our global audience. John’s commitment to diversity and his visionary approach align perfectly with our values and know he will make invaluable contributions immediately. Additionally, his new weekly television show will undoubtedly captivate audiences and share critical perspectives with our committed global audience.”

His appointment reinforces FINTECH.TV’s commitment to fostering The Impact of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and promoting opportunities for talented individuals from diverse backgrounds. Additionally, audiences can look forward to John’s captivating new weekly television show on FINTECH.TV, where he will delve into thought-provoking discussions and insights on critical topics shaping the global financial landscape and undoubtedly contribute to the platform’s growth.

FINTECH.TV is a global media platform bringing top thought leadership interviews in finance, blockchain, technology, sustainability, impact investing, SDGs and ESG. With a studio presence at leading international exchanges, including the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, and the London Stock Exchange, FINTECH.TV is distributed globally on their digital and broadcast platform.

CarterBrothersCarterBrothers is a Full-Service Management Service Firm specializing in Strategic Growth, Consulting, Hospitality Management, Integrated Facilities Management, Corporate Real Estate Services, and Project Management for the installation of Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVC), Security/Intrusion, and Fire Alarm Systems. As an NMSDC Member, CarterBrothers is recognized as a leading Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and a name to be trusted in the marketplace. For more information, please visit

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